Associates are men and women who take seriously their baptismal commitment and who wish to formally associate themselves with the mission and spirituality of a religious congregation whose charism attracts and invites them into a spiritual relationship. 

Men and women who desire to be part of the PHJC Associate Community make a formal commitment after a prayerful period of guided discernment and formation. They commit to sharing their faith life and expressing it through loving presence, community and service in the manner of the charism of the congregation.  Their commitment is supported by ongoing formation and collective prayer, celebration and service as a faith community.

Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ support the PHJC Associate Communities in the countries where we live and minister as another way to follow in the spirit of Saint. Katharina Kasper’s charism in this day and age. 

There are about   225 PHJC Associates in Germany, the Netherlands, England, USA, India South, Mexico and Brazil.  They offer themselves in service to the local church in communion with the family of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.